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EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

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The Quick Fit combines the control of a dog harness with the simplicity of a collar Size   Weight (kg) Neck (cm)  Girth (cm) 2XS 2-3 23-38 30-38 XS 3-5 28-46 38-46 S 5-10 36-56 46-55 M 10-19 41-69 55-67 L 19-35 45-79 67-84 XL 35+ 52-90 56-97 FAST AND EASY DOG HARNESS Our Quick Fit dog harness is designed to fit dogs of all sizes comfortably and with full control. As simple to fit as a dog collar, this lightweight one-click harness is loved by dog owners and dogs alike. Comes in a variety of fun colours. SOFT AND COMFORTABLE This Dog Harness has been designed to be comfortable on your dog. Soft neoprene is placed against your dog's chest and our EzyDog soft touch webbing is used in all other contact areas. It has also been constructed to minimise any pinching or chafing Because the Quick Fit effectively reduces the need for a dog collar, we have included an ID tag holder on the harness.      QUICK TO FIT When going on an outside adventure with your dog, the last thing you want is their harness to slow you down. Don't waste time and energy trying to manoeuvre them into an uncomfortable, complicated harness. Just click them into the Quick Fit Harness and start enjoying the great outdoors together with no limits!    FEATURES: One click of the buckle and you're all set to go! Neoprene chest strap sleeve for extra comfort Reflective stitching for better visibility at night time Stainless steel ring for secure leash connection Unique fitting system confirms that you have the correct size harness for your dog (see 'fitting instructions' tab) For best fit, measure the girth of the dog. Girth will take priority when selecting a size. The girth being the area behind the front legs and around the body Fitted Correctly, the harness should be snug on the dog and not too tight 1. LOOSEN ALL STRAPS. ADJUST THE CHEST STRAP BY PUSHING THE NEOPRENE TO ONE SIDE AND ADJUSTING THE VELCRO 2. SLIP NECK AREA OVER DOG'S HEAD 3. CLIP GIRTH STRAP TOGETHER 4. ADJUST TO FIT YOUR DOG. WHEN ADJUSTING, RED SAFETY PATCH IN VELCRO MUST BE HIDDEN AT ALL POINTS OF ADJUSTMENT TIP: KEEP THE CHEST STRAP A LITTLE LOOSE SO THAT THE GIRTH STRAP DOES NOT PULL INTO YOUR DOG'S LEGS IMPORTANT: DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN STRAPS! WHEN FITTED CORRECTLY, HARNESS SHOULD BE SNUG, BUT TWO FINGERS SHOULD EASILY RUN BETWEEN STRAPS & DOG.


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EzyDog Quick Fit Harness

EzyDog Quick Fit Harness