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Vet Pro Pet Gmbh. Relaxo Dog


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Many dog owners are familiar with this problem: The pet is well trained and excellent in his obedience but once in a while it is overstrained with stressful situations and shows unwanted behavior (e. g. during car journeys, home alone, visiting the vet, unexpected noises like fireworks, etc.).

RelaxoDog successfully helps to avoid stressful situations like those. It doesn’t matter if they are in the privacy of one’s home or in foreign surroundings. RelaxoDog works through the storage battery independent from any plug sockets.

The RelaxoDog sound modi versions are specially coordinated and balanced with regards to the dogs hearing. A deep relaxation is the result and the owner has the option of additional music or the relaxation sound for the dog only.

A simple switch over from one modus to the other and RelaxoDog works silently, but still effective and uinaudible for the human.
Stressful situations like thunder storm, foreign surroundings or fireworks are history
The average operating time of RelaxoDog more than 36 hours (with power bar) before recharging becomes neccessary.


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Vet Pro Pet Gmbh. Relaxo Dog

Vet Pro Pet Gmbh. Relaxo Dog